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nunezPriscilla M. Nuñez | Founder & President | PMN Financial Associates, LLC

Priscilla M. Nuñez is Founder & President of PMN Financial Associates, LLC. She has built a solid record of accomplishments and a reputation for excellence among her clients and colleagues by applying a comprehensive, client–focused approach to financial and retirement planning.

“My firm’s mission,” Priscilla says, “is to provide you with personalized service from our diversified team of associates to help you achieve your financial goals.” At PMN Financial, they strive to form long-lasting relationships based on mutual trust and respect. They are passionate about helping clients avoid unnecessary risk with their hard-earned retirement assets.

She specializes in working with pre and post-retirees, small business owners, established professionals and entrepreneurial women focusing on their short and long-term goals, guiding them through ongoing changes. Priscilla helps her clients organize their assets to last a lifetime and pass their wealth to their heirs in a tax-efficient manner.

Priscilla’s personal deputation is to assist her clients create the life of their dreams through an innovative, non-judgmental and compassionate approach to financial and retirement planning.

You are not just a client at PMN Financial Associates. Priscilla and her team believe in partnering with you and getting to know you so they can design a strategy driving you toward your needs and goals to help you enjoy a more confident retirement.